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Tweed Wolf In The News

"If you're looking to save time going through hundreds of pics post-wedding, let Tweed Wolf do it for them. The site selects the best pics and then turns them into a beautiful hardbound photo book."
"This expert service edits, arranges, and prints your best photos, then creates a custom album that's delivered to your door. Yes, it's pricey, but the results are well worth it-you'll have a gorgeous photo album (no effort required) that will last you a lifetime."
"Don't feel compelled to slim down your photo selects before submitting them to Tweed Wolf. The designers are up to the challange of sifting through hundreds, and even thousands, of images at no additional cost."
"I am obsessed with Tweed Wolf! You send them all your photos. You do nothing just receive a beautiful album at home."
"Tweed Wolf does the part you'd never have the time or patience to do yourself."