Our Story

Our Inspiration

“I have a sticky note on my desk that says: ‘make a photo album.’ It’s been there five years.”

And so Tweed Wolf was born. Photo albums are precious to have and painful to make. At Tweed Wolf, we think albums are too important to be on the to-do list and not get done.

Tweed Wolf’s mission is to connect lives through sharing memories. We design, edit, print and ship your beautiful bespoke hardcover book. All you need to do is enjoy it and pass it down to the next generation.

Our Founder

Julie Fajgenbaum woke up in 2015 with a problem: three kids and no photo albums.

Her guilt only grew seeing her kids enjoy the many albums from when she was a child. They were shouting out “I can’t believe Aunt Lisa used to be taller than you!” And, “Did you know Papa used to be a soldier!”

Seeing how the family history was so meaningful to her kids, Julie became determined to cross “Make A Photo Album” off her to do list and yours.

Our Name

Julie’s paternal grandmother, SADIE TWEED (left with Jack Berkun) arrived in the US from Ukraine in 1912 at 5 years old. Sadie taught English in an elementary school in up state New York and made a mean chocolate cake. Julie learned from her that writing is a muscle, you use it or you lose it.

Julie’s maternal grandmother, FLORA WOLF (right with Herbert Muller) was well known for her creative talents in sewing, calligraphy, baking and cooking. Flora came to the US from Germany in 1941. From Flora, Julie inherited her appreciation of beauty, her dedication to craft, and the ability to touch her tongue to her nose.